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1066 Harold's Way Path Diversions

  • Westminster Abbey to Greenwich 

  • Greenwich to Lesnes Abbey 



1066 Harold's Way Path Amendments


It is six years since 1066 Harold’s Way was written 1066 Harold’s Way has it has proven to be an inspirational and achievable long-distance walk.

However, in 2018 it was time for a refresh and I have re-walked, revised and updated the walk for a New 'Guidebook to Walking 1066 Harold’s Way’.

Little has changed apart from a new bridge at Greenwich, a slight re-route around Sissinghurst and a couple of good pubs that have sadly closed but, importantly, the route remains fundamentally unchanged from Westminster Abbey to Battle Abbey.

A downloadable sheet of all the amendments to the 2013 (Bretwalda) Guide is available here to bring 1066 Harold's Way  up to date.

    1066 Harold's Way Maps


The revised guidebook will include all the updated walk amendments and the same step by step instructions to complete the walk. 


However, with the availability of the Ordnance Survey App,

we can all take maps of the full route with us on our Smartphone when walking. 

Details of all the links for all the maps are included in the new Guidebook.

Travel and Weather


All History Walks are public transport friendly

although with the vagaries of local bus services some more so than others. 

All History Walks contain public transport links to help you on your way and you can

plan your journey here by public transport and check the weather using the following links:


Footpath problems


Please report any changes in the published route to David Clarke e-mail:


If the problem relates to a broken or missing stile, missing roadside signs or waymarks and any other footpath

problems they should be reported using the Rights of Way Problem Report Form which can be downloaded at:



History Walks Disclaimer - Important


1066 Harold's Way, History Walks or David Clarke do not accept any responsibility for any injuries or losses which may occur on 1066 Harold's Way, Three Castles and an Ironmaster's House or any of the History Walks. 


Walkers are advised to ensure that your personal insurance cover is adequate and to carry your own basic first aid kit.


For led walks - when access to a walk starting point is not available by public transport, alternative travelling arrangements will be advised and a contribution to the cost may be requested.




David Clarke @ History Walks


T: 01424 425 888

M: 07766 604 654



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