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1066 Two Battle Circular Walks


Not too far and not too long.


These two walks form a figure of eight walk designed to allow a little recovery time from the sometimes steep terrain around Battle.


It is an opportunity to walk the countryside around Battle and visit the site of the Legend of Malfosse and Caldbec Hill with some magnificent views along the way.


Caldbec Hill is to be seen rather than climbed, although we do get close, as we do at Telham Hill, but Malfosse can be walked and the gentle climb up to Senlac Hill can be enjoyed without the clamour of war.


The second walk is undulating and in places it is a vigorous walk that climbs up along through Fore Wood, an RSPB nature reserve, to Telham Hill, the site of William’s Camp, and down towards the start of the battle field at Lower Lake where there was once just a narrow track between marsh and land that fell away towards the Red Lake (Senlac).


The final climb is up the hill towards the ridge that William’s army attacked and past the now ubiquitous ‘Channel 4’ mini-roundabout although it is quite possible that The Chequers will prove to be the end of this section.


The idea of the figure of eight route is to break up the day, allow lunch and, bearing in mind it is October, to consider the weather. You can still feel satisfied to have finished Malfosse and Caldbec Hill, in front of a warm fire, listening to the pouring rain, snow or hail outside.


You do not have to walk them in one go, in one day or even in order - you can please yourself.

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Author:       David Clarke

Publisher:   History Walks

Price:          £4.00

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