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Author:       David Clarke

Publisher:   History Walks

Price:          £4.50

1066 William’s Way

Hastings to Battle & Back


There is so much written about King Harold II and his epic march to the Battle of Hastings that apart from his landing at Pevensey Bay, Duke William is largely forgotten.


The key element of Duke William’s invasion plan was to gain control of the ridge at Senlac. He could then advance to dominate the rest of the country, marching east and west along the ancient trackways and north using the old Roman road.


If the ridge falls to William, he can move to conquer England – it is a masterful plan as befits the Duke and, for the moment, the Senlac ridge is undefended and only seven miles from Hastings.

Nothing will be allowed to get in Duke William’s way.


Starting at Hastings Castle, built on Duke William's orders, this walk crosses the Combe Valley that in 1066 would have provided a safe haven for William's fleet, to Crowhurst before climbing to Telham Hill and William's camp before the Battle of Hastings. The finish is at Battle Abbey.

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