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Capital to Coast 1066 Harold's Way

3rd Edition


New updated and revised spiral bound 2019 Guidebook to Walking 1066 Harold's Way now includes ‘William’s Way’, from Battle Abbey to Hastings Castle for a true Capital to Coast experience.


Inspired by King Harold's epic journey to the Battle of Hastings, this guidebook relates the history of that tumultuous year with step by step instructions to guide you from Westminster Abbey to Battle Abbey and Hastings Castle.


Now in its 3rd Edition, this superb waymarked route takes its inspiration from the Roman Roads, still in use in 1066, and the most likely route for King Harold’s army to march to battle.


1066 Harold's Way will take you on a 100 mile journey from London, through Kent, inspired by King Harold's epic march to the Battle of Hastings.


This unique walk is based on the Roman road network that was still in use in King Harold's time, east out of London to Rochester (Watling Street) and south from Rochester across the Weald to Battle.

There is legend of one camp on the night of 11th October, at Rochester, and that they rendezvoused at the Old Hoar Apple Tree, at Caldbec Hill,  on 13th October, 1066.


There is history all along 1066 Harold's Way, from walking Roman roads to looking down on battle sites that shaped the future of the country.


There are no steep climbs up rocky hills sides, weaving in and out of tumbling streams or walking on land more suitable for sheep.  There is no coarse gorse or heather to scratch unwary legs or sodden peat to sap your strength. The North Downs and the High Weald show Kent and Sussex at their best.


Each chapter is based around the excellent public transport links available in the South-East with links for refreshments and other essential information and 1066 Harold's Way links with other paths, trails and long distance footpaths in the South East and compliments existing walks in Kent and Sussex. 


This epic journey from London through Kent and Sussex leads to one of the foundation stones of English history,

The Battle of Hastings. There can be no more emotive walk.

Capital to Coast 2022 New cover.jpg

Spiral Bound Paperback: 120 pages
Publisher: History Walks
Language: English
Product Dimensions:

14.5 x 1.2 x 21 cm

Price: £12.00


Karen and Tim Reed's letter

'In Harold’s Footsteps' 

in July's Country Walking

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