A Walk around Rye

Perched on its hill, medieval Rye fuels the imagination with its unhurried airs and cobbles, its wealth of old buildings – it is a small but beautifully formed town.

An island kingdom once surrounded by sea but the winds and the storms won a great battle and the sea retreated leaving the town marooned inland.

Rye, with its medieval airs and cobbled streets, its history as a Cinque Port, the smugglers and its people, has been written about and photographed to distraction after all, it is one of the most picturesque towns in England.

This guide explores Rye and adds some of the stories of the town to bring the walk alive.

Take your time and enter into the spirit of the town – it could take an hour, but it may take all day.

Author:     David Clarke

Publisher:   History Walks

Price:       £3.00

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