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More Walks around Rye


It would have been such fun to ride a little train from Rye to Camber Sands but now we must imagine the children and their parents with picnics and pop and the golfers for the Golf Links Halt. The rails can still be seen in places on the walk to Camber.


And a walk to a Castle marooned on the Levels and another town, Winchelsea aloof on its hill built to a pattern, safe behind its medieval gates.

And who can resist the climb up Toot Rock to the Lookout Post and imagine being a lookout in the dark days of war, searching the horizon for enemy ships. At low tide the beach reveals a wreck and a submerged ancient forest, branches, trunks, knots and roots soft with sea water.

And finally, a short walk along the peaceful and serene River Tillingham before a short climb up to a village mentioned in the Domesday Book 1086.

Explore and discover the best of Rye

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Author:         David Clarke

Publisher:   History Walks

Price:             £4.50

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