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These Pub Walks in Hastings and St Leonards will tempt you to some short but exhilarating walks, a wealth of fascinating local history, good pubs and of course, good beer.
But to discover Hastings and St Leonards’ best beers you will need to strike out beyond the prom - and take a brave step that often defeats many visitors, and even many residents, by visiting places that are not on the usual tourist trails.
Here is a selection of five Pub walks that encourage you to explore another side to Hastings and St Leonards and in the process, discover some tremendous urban trails.
I am not claiming they are the best pubs but they are ones that I enjoy, chosen for their location, beer and conviviality and the opportunity to walk, to explore and discover this exceptional town.
In these Five Pub Walks, it is the walk that takes pride of place and that welcome pint in that friendly pub is the reward for all your effort.
Enjoy the experience.

Pub Walks in Hastings and St Leonards

  • History Walks Number Six
    Author: David Clarke
    Publisher: History Walks
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