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The Weald of Kent Canal


Imagine if the Weald of Kent Canal had been completed.

Perhaps after years of neglect, the canal would have been brought back to life and become an idyllic route across the historic Weald of Kent.

Imagine slowly sailing from the River Medway to the Coast or walking along the towpath through the villages that line the route.

John Rennie, the renowned canal engineer said that

'without exception, it is the finest piece of country to cut a canal through I ever saw'.

It would have been a legacy to the art of canal building

but sadly, it remained in the dreams of a few good men.

The Weald of Kent Canal explores their ideas  from their initial proposal, through the continual planning and surveying until the project literally ran out of steam with the advent of the railway.


It would be the Canal that Never Was.

For a true Canal experience, you can walk the final 8 miles to Rye. 



Perfect Bound Paperback: 52 pages
Publisher: History Walks
Language: English
Product Dimensions:

14.5 x 1.2 x 21 cm

Price: £8.00

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