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The Saxon Times Gallery


Review the full list of individual A3 posters for The Saxon Times to help identify dates and content.


  • Click on the issue in the gallery for a thumbnail view and for options to buy.

  • Completed purchases will be e-mailed to you within seven days on confirmation of payment.


Each issue reports the major headlines of the day with comment, advertisements and maps as appropriate.


These A3 Posters are educational, make ideal wall displays and meet the needs of the National Curriculum in England - History Key Stages 1 & 2 programmes of study.

They aim to inspire curiosity to know more about 1066 and expand knowledge and understanding of Britain's past.


These posters are also available through TES


Note: Posters can be laminated at additional cost.

For prices, please e-mail 


The Saxon Times


The complete and unabridged Saxon Times book contains more background, comment

and subsidiary information such as Ask Brother Ealdred and The Food Section.


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